I Have No Idea Wat to Do

I have been married to my wife for seven years. We have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls 1 boy. When we got married i told my wife i didn't believe in divorce and that i did believe in a house wife i work make money she takes care of the house kids and food. maybe these are not the right idea of marriage but this is how i grew up and learned from. I thought my wife understood how i felt. In the intrem we ran tight for money my parents help out alot. now here is the problem. my parents give us a ton of money, somewhere on the order of 3 thousand per month. my mom works like mad and so does my dad to keep my wife living the way she likes but my wife won't even respect them for it. she treats them like sh**. she says my parents do nothing for us. hello are u insane. my kids haven't seen my parents in 2 months but we only live 3 blocks away. my parents are heart broken they wanna see the kids but unless i take them my wife won't. my dad is a bit old school too, he really believes in respect and feels that my wife doesn't give him or my mom any. I really don't know what to do.

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

I think you need to sit your wife down and explain to her that they are helping you all out and that she is out of line with her way of thinking. Be forceful with this and stand up because your children as well are suffering due to her rudeness, because that cannot continue. 3 grand and willingly giving it out is worth the respect and then some deffinate butt kissing...Luck to you

no to beat a man down on his luck but what the heck are you doing taking money from your parents to support you ungratfull and inconsiderate wife. I have kids and I already tell them that once they turn 18 the only money they will see is the money they earn. I will not support bad habits or decisions. If you had half a brain you would tell your wife to get a job and hte only money she gets to spend on herself is the money she earns.