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I have been married for the last 5 years now, and my relationship with my wife seems to go from bad to worse. I have 2 beautiful daughters, and quite frankly, it is only them who has kept me around her as things have progressively gotten worse. I also live in a society where things like indulgence in black magic is common. For those skeptics out there, believe me it is real. I was the last one to believe in it until I was stricken with it. I don't know who the hell is responsible for it to this day. I have been to many 'charltans' and I don't believe a damn thing of what they say. I am now unemployed for the last 6 months and live with my inlaws. My wife is a great dramaqueen. Everything that happens between us, she goes running to her mama and dadda ! She makes me look like the bad guy each time that she goes running off and crying to everyody. She gossips with her friends about our relationship. I don't tell squat to anyone. I wish I had some friends here to confide in. I feel like a damn convict in this house. No money, no relationship. Even my kids get alienated from me as she keeps them away from me all day. I don't hate her, but I think that I am getting there.

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did u ever wonder as to why your wife cries??? why don't you talk to her and straighten things out. May be she goes to her parents cuz they are the only ones she feels that she could confide in.<br />
Why don't u make her feel like you are there for her. look man a person could find 100 different things to complain about somebody but what stes have you taken to rectify the problem. that is if u r and want to give your 100 for the relationship!!! it's a give and take policy u can't expect not to give your best and for the other person to give her best all the time.

I feel for you bro...hopefully things will get better once you get away from the inlaws.<br />
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Don't listen to what summers5 has to say. That person replies to every post, saying the same exact thing everytime.

Look up how to become assertive, parenting styles, by doing this you will show her you care about the relationship. It could help. Even read a book or look at videos about how to make your marriage stronger. Boy would that impress her. If you still care act like it- that's all she wants. <br />
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Oh, and if you drink look up spouses of alcoholics, and children of alcoholics, this might explain why she's so sensitive.<br />
Drunk husbands suck elephant balls.