European Woman. Wtf?tch

 My wife is from Southern Germany and she is F'n Crazy. I can never get along with her she is the most hardheaded selfish ***** I have ever met. I grew up in a nice Family with no problems, she grew up in a bad situation with a mean ***  drunk dad and screaming and yelling and abuse. Weird though because I feel sorry for her dad, he is a drunk and mean because of my mother in-law. He actually likes me and we get along , he  told me not to marry his daughter because she was just like her mom. WHY GOD IN HEAVEN DID I NOT LISTEN TO HIM?  Now we have kids and she makes our relationship the same as what she grew up in. I mean ******* impossible to deal with. Our kids are 3 and 1, I have too make sure that they don't grow up in this **** but how? I know if I leave she will be with some other dude trying to play daddy to my Kids. Unacceptable. I don't drink yet and am a good even flow Jesus loving kind of dude, but I really would like to knock her teeth out, but I know she subconsiously wants me too and if I did I would never get my kids. I am recording arguments and building up on my strength. When I decide to leave I am yanking the rug out from under her *** and fighting for full custody of my kids. Like some of the other post I read, this chick is all about her way and cleaning like mad. She flips out like a nut bag when something doesn't go her way. AND EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT. 

NO MAN SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE THE WAY WE ARE FALLAS!! But in most cases we are better dads than they are moms and we will put up with the **** until the time is right. I wish the courts would make thing more favorable for good dads. So kids could grow up right

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Sorry to hear it brother. Since women have the legal upper hand when it comes to marriage (and most everything else in the US) it even makes divorce very hard on us.