I Married a Mexican a Lazy One!!!!

well I sometimes think it is my fault the way things turn out I mean I think to myself maybe if I work harder on this family it will be better but that is all bull. I am a CO at a prison but I am not a mean guy i work 168 hours a month for my family and my wife does not work. Now I am not saying that the womans place is in the kitchen or cleaning the house and I do have to get her paper work done so she can work in the states, but the simple fact of the matter is my wife does nothing at all no cleaning no cooking nothing but watch tv and has her friend come over. Now I know that I really do hate her friend I am not sure I hate my wife at times I do and i just want to get away and never come back but I am not a quiter I married her for a reason and I have forgotten why I know I am a weird guy i like comic books and video games and just relaxing at home and I live in a town where there is not alot of things to do but I do try to take out my wife some place even thou i don't make alot of money but it seems like it is never enough. Now she just had a baby last month and her mom came down to help which is ok but the thing is she has been crying to her mom making it seem like i am the bad guy and u know what i reall don't care what her mom thinks at first i was ok with her mom being here it was cool with me and when we had the kid I was cool with her mom helping but since she has been out it has been even more hard to get along like today we had to go to the mexican embassy to get duel citizenship for the baby and I need to witness well i got one friend but could not get the other until it was almost time to go and he said he could do it but he just to push somethings back now i don't like to put my friends out there so I told him we could do it tuesday when he was off and my other friend would be off she gets mad at me because she wanted her mom to go while she was still her so she could see the big city and she says that he rmom has not been anywhere but she has yesterday the y went clothes shopping and before that clothes shopping and before that i took them out to eat and spent money i could have saved over 160 dollars I could have saved but some how we never went out. She hates my mom and gets mad at me when I talk to her about how i can make it beeter so I stop because i did not want it to cause problems but she does it with her mom what the H*** any way that is how things are going what can I do and we are moving to texas soon and that is closer to her family I think maybe if we do go there something worst will happen but I have the feeling now that I don't care just let them happen tell me what u think!!!!!

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I also married a somewhat lazy Mexican woman. She's too lazy to doll herself up, clean, cook, etc. My parents warned me but I didn't listen. She works so I guess it could be worse. I actually call it sloth syndrome.<br />
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My question is: do you even have a fifth grade education? Your whole story is just one long sentence. It's actually funny, you didn't even try!

Most Mexican women just want to be supported like its still the old days that was cool back then but these days it takes 2 incomes. My father inlaw is stressed out all the time mother inlaw sits on the couch on the phone my wife thinks that's normal bs I can't see myself being like that

Don't listen to summers5, she's in here telling all us men to "read up on marriage, blah blah blah" when she just posted about hating her husband.

Type your comment here...I am assertive and I am a strong man I just don't think that workking is all my Family needs they need a head a father and a good husband and all those I am trying to be. I care very much for my family it is just sometime I feel as thou the feelings are not returned but things are starting to get better I grab her today look deep into her eyes and said hey I love u still it made her turn to putty I know what I need to do it is just hard to do it sometime it forget that marriage is work just like life we will make I know we will.

Don't tell people not to listen to summers5. I hear your side of things and you have every right to your own opinions and feelings. Everyone does. But she is correct and so are you. A marriage or relationship is hard work, it's a two way street. Also, despite the well used statement that it's a 50-50 deal, it is not. It's a 100-100 deal. Each person must give 100% of themselves to it. And it doesn't have to be a chore, it should be a delight for each one to give their all into it. People don't take time to get to know one another, hell, most people don't even know themselves much less anyone else. I was in my mid to late 30's before I really started to understand who I was. But even before that I gave it all to my partners. I do find, however, that when two people are first together, they tell each other everything and then as time goes by - somehow or for some reason they stop doing that. Once you let that get away, it's very hard to get it back. Seriously, this person you're with is supposed to be your best friend. And yes, if both people actually read up on what makes or breaks a relationship, it really helps. There is no shame in trying to learn, only if you want to be with him/her. Let me suggest a book that gives insight into an individuals personality, this is a well regarded book whose Authors are held in great esteem. It's called, "Please Understand Me: Character & Temperament Types" by David Kiersey. They also have a website. I think both people should take their 'test' and then talk about it. It can help you to discover who & what you are about.
So, MisterG, it's been 6 years since you wrote these posts. I'm hoping that you and your wife have been able to work things out before it was too late. When people can't work it out and split up, hopefully they learned something useful and if they marry again, use what they learned to make the new one better. BTW - my personal opinion about your feelings towards women is that you were blaming all women based on your own experience, that's not right. First of all, I totally believe that there are many women who are *******, and that gives us good ones a bad name. Most women aren't that way, just as most men aren't bastards. It took me 3 times to finally get my keeper, but I never judged any of them based on what the other one(s) were like. If I did, I'd only have had one marriage. Each one was different than the other, yet it was #2 that really impacted my thoughts and insights into how people are. I can now read people and see what they're all about fairly quickly. My son said once that I was too nice but he had to agree that if someone does me wrong, they get a 2nd chance, sometimes 3 or 4. And during that time I'm giving them enough rope to hang themselves. I've rarely been taken advantage of because I see what is going on, even though many don't think I'm not paying attention. Well, I'm bowing out now.

Sometimes I think men think all they need to do to keep a relationship going strong is work there *** off. And there wife should be happy. Read up on marriage, how to be assertive, parenting styles, gender differences. It might help you understand what the hell is going on and make things better. If you don't care, well she'll see that and be angry, and hurt and you may not be able to be the best father and husband you can if you don't try to figure out what you can do to salvage the relationship. If you don't care about salvaging it. Well...that's just sad.