My Wife Is A Fat Lazy *****

We have been together for 16 years and in that time she has turned into a a bitter, angry,lazy *****. Throughout our relationship she was always unhappy with her jobs. I always encouraged and supported her to look for one that would be more fulfilling. So she said that she wanted to be a teacher so I supported her without hesitation and she quite her job and went to school full time.  she is done with school and has not bothered to try to get a job. This has put a real strain on our resources but she nags at me like its my fault.

During this time I was raising her two kids(she had with another man during a previous marriage) I raised them as my own children.

Did she show any appreciation? No. She just yells and nags all the time. She does not do any cleaning or cooking. She sits in the bedroom or living room all day watching stupid reality tv shows. when I come from work she expects me to do the cooking and cleaning. when i get the courage to ask her to do something she gets mad. (for example we were supposed to go shopping today and i got ready and It now the afternoon and I asked her to get ready and she said "don't bark your orders to me" so i told her i was not coming into the bedroom again until sh got ready and so she left the house without me in a huff)

We have not had sex in 2 years. I cant get it up with her she does nothing to make me desire her. physically she has gotten fat. when ever i try to bring anything up she just cry's and says that I am mean-so I back off and she just resumes to do nothing.

I dont drink, do drugs, or smoke. I don't talk down to her or physically intimidate her. I go to work and come home and try to take care of the house. The only reason I am staying around now is because i feel sorry for her.

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Holy crap did I write this in a previous life? lol Maybe I did write this and forgot. If not for the 16 year thing I would SWEAR I wrote this!

I met my HOT sexy polish GF in 2004 I actually stole her from another man (dude wherever you are you BYPASSED the biggest MISTAKE ever!) at one point he actually stole her back and I stole her back from him! ANYONE desire to kick someone so HARD in the ***? lol Anyway she was so HOT my ex wife wanted me back! You KNOW you have a hot chick! WAIT! I need to go back to the beginning where it all started! K we will call her just got out of a 10 year SEXLESS relationship a devoted wife, home maker, PERSONAL kitchen utensil etc, and discovered that after 10 years of marriage her husband was cheating on her. She was a trophy wife, ANYTHING she wanted was provided, he was rich! and when that ended and she met me, she DECIDED to TAKE it OUT on me! So for 10 years myself she has HELD me ACCOUNTABLE for what this dude did to her! I have NEVER met a more angry, bitter, nasty, miserable, ugly, fat, doesn't give a f about anything woman in my life! I mean she BEAT breast cancer! with her breasts in tact and she STILL miserable! 10 pills for depression, " there is a commercial that says " who does depression hurt "? and then it goes onto say " everybody "! BULLSHIT! depression ONLY hurts ONE person the POOR sap that is TRAPPED being around the depressed person! lol!!! the depressed person doesn't give a care THEY have depression to entertain them! I have to say being surrounded by a depressed person? Could actually make YOU the SANE person off yourself just to get away from them! You NEED psychiatrists just to cope and all the while they tell you, YOUR THE CRAZY ONE! So I met her online and it was LOVE at first sight! Our first date we spent over 18 hours together! It was AWESOME! But in my BLINDNESS God was looking down and saying " you poor poor fool " RUN! and he attempted to remove her from my life so many times, just as he did my ex wife, but me IDIOT that I am fought back and won! lol The first year was BLISS! but even then she was mean. The woman is GIVING to fault but is SEVERELY lacking in every other (personality trait) EVERYTHING is FIRE! I have seen many people go from A-D fast but NEVER A to Z! in a blink! So the dumb *** that I am had a child with her a beautiful baby boy and when I say beautiful I mean BEAUTIFUL! They say a son STEALS the mothers beauty? He TOOK all her ****! lol I mean you see those movies where the person just SUCKS the life force out of someone and leaves there a quivering pile of goo? YUP like that! But he was born AUTISTIC and THIS she couldn't handle and it THREW her into a DEEP DEEP depression and EIGHT years later she is still there and REFUSES to return! Imagine a woman who likes to get dressed up, do her nails, hair, wear sexy clothes, nice shoes, KEEP HERSELF IN SHAPE! to becoming an OLD NAVY, sneakers, nails messed up, GETS AS FAT AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! even though after cancer is SUPPOSED to lose weight! makes herself as UNATTRACTIVE as HUMANLY possible AND doesn't want to f at all! The pills DESTROY her sex drive, then there was the cancer, I have PUT up with a lot! OH and WATCHES every single reality show ever created 24-7! I can't call her lazy, she does work and works hard, so I have to give her that. But the minute she comes home she is a LUNATIC! Now I am no Brad Pitt but I KEEP the package as good looking as possible. I get haircuts, I dress decent, I take care of myself, I am PERSONABLE, her? OLD ladies in FL. dress sexier than she does. If I were to meet an older lady say 75? that would be a UPGRADE! lol I have aspirations of becoming a the NEXT Dave Chappelle, and even as she sees the INVESTORS coming forward to talk, she STILL puts me down and says I will NEVER make it!

The no sex thing is NUTS! and I DON'T cheat! Do not believe in it and " Integrity weighs out desire " so I suffer. But I have J/O so much my co*k rejects my hand! lol and I am an AWESOME lover! ok TMI lol She is so NASTY she makes me nasty back to her. She ALWAYS wants me to do the dishes! Something about dishes with this woman I have no idea, but she sees a dish and goes freaking insane! We have a dish washer and she THROWS them in the dishwasher! and to watch her take them out would make a yuotube video go VIRAL! I mean she is only 42 and she looks 99! I have NEVER seen anyone simply GIVE UP as I have seen in her. I have TRIED so hard to BRING her back from the abyss but depression is her new lover, and I am HATED and DESPISED because I try to help her RECLAIM her life!

TEN YEARS!!! murderers do not get this much time! lol but I have sacrificed myself for my son. I KNOW how men are I had a step father and I REFUSE to permit my kid from going through that so I stay for him! He is the sweetest little boy on the planet and if anyone was to hurt them I would KILL them! so to save my a** (literally) I stay here in MISERY with a woman I DO NOT love anymore, and maybe never did.

I mean Chef Gordon Ramsay gets more a** from her than I do! Anytime I mention sex, " Oh I have my shows " I could be watching a YANKEE world series against the METS and if my woman wanted some lovin oh well for the series!

I am a good man, I DO the right thing IN the bedroom as well as out! SHE would be the FIRST to agree! ANOTHER dude would be CHEATING 24-7, hell guys cheat on women they allegedly love! how much more would they cheat on someone they can't stand!

To all my fellow YOUNG American Bros and sis out there, you KNOW in the first TWO WEEKS who the person is your dating if they do not attract you in the following ways " Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Heart, then RUN! and NEVER look back! because KIDS time is the ONE thing you CAN'T get back!

I am trk387! YEAH YOU KNOW ME! lol

No offense, but YOU created a spoiled brat. I hope she realizes what a good man she has..Probable won't happen until you cut her.

She's depressed. If she drinks beer, she should stop. She'll lose 15-20 lbs by not drinking beer for a few months. Once she sees herself clearly, from the sobriety, she'll start taking better care of herself. If she doesn't drink then she's just plain depressed and needs help. If it's a chemical imbalance in her brain, nothing can help but a Dr. if she doens't want to go to dr, doesn't care about you or herself, get out as fast as you can. That will help her see the light as well. The best thing my husband did for me was leave, it made me wake the **** up and lose the weight and then I started dating someone 10 years younger than me. He's 10 years older than me. Thank God he left. I'm having the time of my life.

I know your pain bro my 'wife' is a fat ***** who just stays at home all day on her laptop,I come home to a messy house and no dinner on the table,When we do get some food it's either a ****** McDonalds or a KFC we don't have sex anymore and we actually sleep in different rooms,I only stay around for my kids..

Throw that disgusting pudding of a woman out on the street!!!!

At least I know I'm not the buggered up one in the relationship. Thought maybe the fat lazy ***** was right and I was crazy. This helps

Dont worry feeling sorry for her wont ladt long. Then you can dump her and start to live the one life you got for your self.. Instead of wasting it... Who knows u leaving may just wake her up either way u dont belive u should sacrefice your life because someone make u feel gulity.... Good luck

This is what you need to do, First fix her a good meal, then get her drunk, wait until she pass out, ***** her nakid and then pound the *****. Dude stop being a pussing and pound that *****, hold her fat *** down, pull out your **** ram it in her, look her dead in her eyes and spit in her face! Fat ******* love when men spit in their face

Dude I sprayed nearly $5 of my $5 coffee all over the keyboard reading this. That **** is funny dude.

Ok... well leave dude... It's a no brainer... Fat and won't sleep with you, doesn't do anything but put you in debt... Bye porky... Good luck finding another sucker...

So in August she finally got a job and guess what? Shes miserable with that one also. So when she comes home she just wants to ***** about it for hours and hours. Oh and if try to bring up anything positive she acts like I am betraying her. I swear to god she just wants to be miserable all the time. <br />
So that that we have her paycheck to add to mine she thinks we are rich. She wont even consider sacrificing anything to pay down our debt. <br />
She still will not do any housework- our house looks like an episode of hoarders because of all of her junk all over the place. every once in awhile i will say we need to get rid of some it and she just gets mad and says I'm trying to control her. <br />
She is such a miserable and controlling person that her kids don't even want to be around her. She will guilt them to visit and call but they leave as soon as they can. <br />
We still haven't had sex since the last time i posted-she just is such an unattractive person that i cant imagine having sex with her. <br />
I am trying to pay off our debt so that I can leave her without feeling too guilty. sometimes I will set things up to leave her but i feel this sense of obligation and sorry for her so I don't go through with it. I am just afraid that I am going to waste most of my life in this bad relationship.

Honestly I have been dealing with the same situation. My girl is a short hispanic woman who didn't start as fat. She wasn't skinny, but she has turned into a grotesque version of her previous self. She complains constantly. If I get a phone call i am automatically cheating. Her insecurities are so bad that he found my 4 year old Iphone and went through old messages and tried to use them to justify starting a fight with me. This **** happens all the time. She refuses to eat anything that doesn't include pork, grease is one of the major food groups according to her. She has a 13 year old girl from a previous relationship and she refuses to make her do a damn thing. As of today i have cut off ties and I am finished.

Im right with ya man!!!!. I work 2 jobs.She also works 2....her 2 jobs dont pay though they include watching reality tv shows and knitting...oh yeah and stuffing her fat face all day. I cant do a thing though if I ditch her I loose half my hard earned stuff...Im hoping she just chokes on her next bite or has a coronary or somthing....Im keepin my fingers crossed....I would be better off living with a horse...It would cost less to back better company...and to be quite honest look alot more attractive.

that part about being better off living with a horse cracked me up! lol. that alone gets my vote lol

Damn, man, it sucks for all of y'all. I'm a woman, and single for the last few years; curiosity led me here, though. I swear I feel sooo sorry for each of you. In every case I think you need to get OUT. There are plenty of other single guys who could use a roommate in a 2-bedroom somewhere, and splitting the bills and housework, you can make it. You dont' have to stay in the prison of these go-nowhere relationships. One is a whole number; there's nothing wrong with being single. I promise you, being in no relationship is far superiour to being in the wrong relationship.<br />
I wish you all the best.

I see no reason for you to stay with this woman. Cut your losses and find someone with more motivation. Women like this are the reason men refer to them as the old 'ball and chain'. As I see it your other option is to take up 'heavy drinking'. In that case I prescribe 24 tall boys and everything will be as white as rain.

sounds like my wife. if it wasen't for prison i would smack the **** out of her. :-) every time i say anything to her at all she bites my head off. just to day i told her about somthing i saw online. later that night i sent her the link to it. and she got pissed. she said you alredy told me about it why do i need to see it and started bitching. what the hell? i told her to shut the hell up and don't talk to me anymore tonight. and called her a ***** and told her to go to hell. but thats about how it is every night around here. she is a techer too BTW. and most of her teacher friends are just as bitchy. she has a spending problem too. she makes min wage but keeps shopping she is in debt over 300,000 dollars and i still dont have a clue as to what that debt is for. i don't really see anything but a bunch of 10 and 15 dollar items. she also cheated on my with 2 guys and a girl and even brung then to my work to rub it in my face. and then after wards she is all at me with this im sorry and i love you crap. one of these days i am not going to hold back and i will **** her up. i cant afford a divorce and she refuses to leave and i got no ware else to go so i am stuck. i have been with 2 other girls that were the same way. the nice ones don't put out so you loose thare. the mean ones are all ***** so you can't win no matter what you do. i am starting to thing that all these gay people know something i don't. 20 million gay people can't be wrong. LOL!

I feel for you. My wife was something like that few years ago, but slowly it has changed. It takes courage. Dont hold back your frustration. Say what is on your mind right there and then. The first few times she will be super mad. When she does, tell her that you expected it, because it is so predictable of her. Pass sarcastic comments. If you post your problem in some site, you will get a response "have an open and honest talk with her" Trust me, you can do all the tlaking and it wont work.

u r a fkn whimp... make her clean the house & do somethin for goodness sake. be a man