I Really Hate My Wife.

I am writing this because I am so mad.

She has the worst anger problem out of anyone I have ever met. She constantly yells at me in public and even hits me in the car. Any time she gets angry she does'nt even think to stop and think, but goes absolutely crazy. She has broken over 8 computers, or for that matter basically everything. And  I am not exxaggerating. Every chance she gets to publicly humiliate me, she tries. I have 2 kids I love, and i will break me not to be able to see them whenever I want. This really prevents me from divorcing this real bastard. All she does is spend money and try to get me to do household chores during work hours. To make this short and sweet ,I really hate her. I don't wish anything bad upon her, but wish that we would get divorced and she woud give me full custody.

P.S. She just broke the nebulizer of my 3 year old son, because "I wasn't listenng while she was talking".

Please Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Talk to a lawyer. Find out exactly what you need to do to secure your rights. Ask the lawyer if taping or filming her outbursts will benefit you.

well - slow poison her by dropping half a sedative tablets (buy online) in her coffee every day - with a kiss !! She will feel groggy and energyless and not fight so much with you. <br />
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What else can you do ?

Get a lawyer. If you have some sort of insurance coverage, check into it. A free legal consulation with a family lawyer might be already paid for by some benefits you have through work. If not, many lawyers would at least offer you a reduced initial meeting fee. Organize your thoughts and questions well, and go in prepared to make it worth both your time. Then for your sake, and the primary sake of the kids, get out. Get out!! Get out of there!!! She is abusive. You've gotten used to it. You probably play all sorts of internal mind games to try to rationalize it, but (like women who are in abusive relationships), they might not see what's going on, or might have side benefits to staying. (The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't perhaps??)<br />
Get out of there, and take your kids with you. Don't move out before consulting a lawyer. Kick her out instead. Call the police if you have to. Heck, even go to the police in a very calm, secret moment, and talk to them. You and your kids don't deserve this.<br />
Once more... GET OUT OF THERE! Peace!!

horrible man, best of luck to ya.

Sounds absolutely terrible.. but with her absurd behavior, and the fact that she just broke a medical item of your sons' among a ton of other stuff, how could you NOT get full custody? How would a divorce court possibly award joint custody when she is so clearly abusive and, quite frankly, insane?