Vindictive Angry Lieing Women

Long time no hear whaz up guys check out some of my old post to see where i came from.Now lets get to down to business my ex has lied on divorce decree to get more money [no contest divorce her job handled it] big mistake make sure you get a lawyer what she says prior to divorce and what happens during are two different things.You can't trust her  Because she's gonna change her mind and try to but Buck you i promise,there's no end to their endless desire to screw you.Even in my case ex remarried 4months after divorce Hmmm who gives a Chit i hate her anyway but my kids have to live with this loser who doesn't work or appear to be a threat but never the less he's a stranger in the house which kids met only twice before moving in.Well i have joint legal custody and this is where she bent me over and stuck me good she lied about % of time kids are with me and she lied about my income using the past three years salary of which 1/3 goes for overhead, contractor by trade ,income has been ravished during recession but of course she knew this but child support doesn't care about this, they only want you to shut up and pay the money. What a royal pain in the gass i recently filed for modification and substitute judge flirted with ex upon her late arrival was short with me wouldn't except all proof of income reduction and he didn't beleive how my income had dropped in a time when our economy is its at worst in the country's history wow are you kidding me what a brick, guys dont go without lawyer and be totaly prepared to get bucked while in court, judges have finally found a way to get back at those kids who picked on them in school, it wont be easy guys but don't give up the fight especially if you have kids it got so bad i thought about offing myself but for my kids sake hell no thats what that heffa wants so there it is guys.but i still love the fact that i dont have to listen to that ditch no more,Y IPEEEEE

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Yea I agree - the grammer, vocabulary, puncuation wasn't the best but it was largely understandable by anyone who can read english.<br />
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I think every guy should stash away a chunk of money overseas to protect their assets in this situations. Guys shouldn't open up all their books to their wives and only show them a subset. We gotto cover our own *** after all.

yes i'm here to support my fellow man against hateful women maybe my grammer sucks and i dont write as easily as you but i think most people with a little common sense would understand what i'm trying writing.You said you are a man who hates his wife then dont critic the writer just keep it going,you may not get it ,but i bet their a plenty of guys who do get it ,remember guys need to know how the courts are gonna phuck you so be very prepared. PEACE OUT

Oooh, so you just want men (of which I AM ONE!!) to understand your post? That's what I'm saying!! If you want to be understood, and maybe even be supported (get support) in your struggle, try writing so that I don't need a decoder ring to figure out what you've said. I've posted here because I do "hate my wife". It's you who's looking for the other channel buddy, something like, "I hate my EX-wife" maybe.

this post is not for females but for men who are sick and tired of golddiggin heffa's like yourself ,you mite say not me right ,but get divorced and see how fast it comes out of you.If youre here to try to save your marriage just shut up and for once in your life listen to men vent about their marriage and why they hate their wives. ps. were not here for punctuation dont like it then change the channel

This is written so brutally. For example, where the "chit" is the punctuation? If you want support, try writing so we can understand. I gave up one paragraph in. Sorry.