I Hate My Wife Because She Cheated.

First things first. I caught my wife cheating on me with my best friend. She told me thats all that happened. Then I found this...


After all of this I still took her back because I loved her. I wanted to work things out with her. Then I found this.


Everyone says I was asking for it with the open relationship thing but I didnt really want that. It was all her idea. Now I know why. After all of this is brought out to the open I found out she screwed my other best friend. So now I have no friends and my wife is a *****. But I'm still with her. I dont know why but I am. I hate her more and more everyday. I want to work things out but how can I trust her. I told her after I found the first thing out if she told me the truth about everything I wouldnt be mad. But she kept lying to me and I kept finding out new things. I wish I had never met her. She has ruined my life and made me waste the last 6 years we have been together. Ive never cheated on her and I never would have. I dont know what the hell Ive done to her that makes me deserve this. She is making me hate women. Sometimes I just wish she would die.

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2 Responses Feb 14, 2010

It's very clear what you MUST do: divorce her - she's poison. There is no other alternative. On the plus side, you're still young, and haven't wasted too much time. And then I advise you NOT to get married again. I mean, why would you? Why is it necessary to get the government involved in ANY relationship?

I know something of how you must feel . Iv'e just lost 10 years to my wife but we end it in a few days . We've been poison to each other and my world is a more toxic place for having meet her .