She Is Always High ,if She Is Not She Is Drunk

she hurt her back a few years ago after that our life turned upside down i become the only one working ,the cooking and cleaning stopped ,she only feed my son fast food ,she become very nasty she will do every thing possible to bother me if i get in argument with her she will call the cops and of course they always take her side ,i either have to leave or get arrested ,i spent night in jail she accused me of beating her which did not happened she was so drunk she did not know what she was saying and god bless our cops they wrote down what they thought she was saying i spent the whole night in jail with t shirt in blow zero jail  ,went to court the next day trying to save my life and my job that i had to go to college for 4 years to get ,she is bipolar too ,no one her family wants to help us ,she take so many medications she drinks a lot too beside all these medication she will look very any thing possible to get upset about so she can start drinking she spend the money like its going out of style ,she is the biggest liar so i don't know she ever cheated on me or not i had to spend a month away from my house after i got arrested ,the neighbor was visiting her around this time ,i know she wont cheat on me but she ever cheat it will happen when she drunk ,i used to love her ,thank god i only have one son i feel so bad for him it makes me want to  cry i don't care for myself i just feel so bad for him to go throw all this crap ,sometimes i feel like killing myself but i always don't because i know my son needs me ,i would divorce her and move on but i know she will make my life hell and she will take half what i worked hard to save and trying to give my son good futur i work very hard ,its sad only i need is someone to love me and love my son ,sorry for the misspelling and bad grammer

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Get a small hidden camera installed in the house and record everything she does from now on. It will help get you custody and hopefully get her locked in the mad house.

If you fell in love with this woman, than maybe you can fall back in love with her. Yes, the way you described her..she seems absolutley horrid, but anything that you think could save your marraige, for your actual marriage or just for your son...try.