Life Is Way Too Short...

I get the feeling that some people feel as if they don't deserve to be happy.  They remain in an unhappy situation for so long that they actually convince themselves that they deserve it.  They become a shell of a person who resigns to remaining in their situation until it completely eats them up inside. 

It breaks my heart to see how many unhappily married people there are in this world and how few people do anything to change their situations.  There is always an answer, a way out, there IS someone out there who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated and will love you for exactly who you are...Take is from someone who was once where you are, someone who had to learn to believe in themselves all over again and believe she is worthy of unconditional love and respect.   

SaneB42Kidz SaneB42Kidz
2 Responses Feb 17, 2010

firstmistake... you'll be secondmistake if you wait any longer...

I totally agree. It's all about how much you can take and how long you keep taking it. After a while you just think that this is normal and this is what your life is supposed to be. I got married a year ago and I hate every minute of it. I should just walk out right now because I don't have kids and I can probably just disappear and no one will ever find me (though I wouldn't want to do that). Lets see if my life improves in any way, if it doesn't I'm probably going to be doing a disappearing act very soon, I can't stand being anywhere around my wife at this point.