The Fat *** Disgusts Me

I seen the thread on here about obese wifes. My loving wife has ballooned to 230+ guessing? I am not asking for perfection, God knows I'm not..but please keep it within reason, I mean 10, 20 even 30lbs, but 100+lbs over her recommended wait..WTF. I know all the women out there say its all emotional and its usually the mans issue. I have supported my wife in every way you could imagine, financially, emotionally, spirittually - married 23 yrs, the past 10 just a steady wait gain. the past 4 escelating out of control. I confronted issue 3 yrs ago, the wife looks into bi-pass, then does a 180 turn from program after 8 months into the preliminary requirments by our insurance co. she tells me last yr that if I dont love her were she is at its my problem and my fault ..I hate her inside, but stay with her because of the chhildren.

 Do you go to bed cringing at the thought of avoiding your wifes cold clammy blubber rolling over onto your skin - I have gotton to the point of satying up past our "bedtime" so I can slip into bed once she is of to neverland in sleep, sounding like a bulldozer. Just pull the covers over your head and try to avoid touching her...yuk

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After 24+ years together, my wife believes that sex is immoral. 5 kids, a vasectomy, and she thinks the height of romance is squeezing my shoulder at 1 am. She has gained 50+ pounds, I have gained 20+ pounds. There is nothing left that I am even remotely attracted to. She spends her day crying to me about each little thing our kids do wrong. I get 4-6 phone calls a day at work. She thinks it's my problem that I have no feelings whatsoever, and refuses to see her side. This is not a body type issue, I married a woman who believes sex and intimacy are sins. Anything beyond missionary, in the dark, after 12 am, quietly, quickly, and without any other stimulation, is perverted. I am so ready to quit. Forget the sex life, what is this doing to our kids psyche???

I wish my wife was a big fat lady, I love to get lost in soft sexy fat. Send her to me.

Update on this since writing my story. Our married life hit a boiling point right around the time of this story. I guess it was not wanting to sleep in the same bed with her , or abstaining from sex with my wife, but something finally worked. <br />
Our realtionship was to the point that I stayed away from home as much as I could, and communication ceased between us. It must have been all the rejection that spurred her to a serious sit down discussion, between the two of us, addressing what needs to happen in our marriage to save it. <br />
Wifey joined weight watchers and has lost 50lbs to date, she is seriously looking at another 40 to 50 by christmas. I have worked on being more attentive and courting her as when we dated, so many years ago. Sex has been great, communication has been very good, and we really get along. I am thankful that we are working on it. <br />
Not to throw a damper on the party, but I have been down this road before with her, and hate to say it, but privately I am waiting for the spiraling out of control binge eating....I am hopeful that we have both learned........<br />
Goodbye to all, will keep you posted, thank-you for reading..

Not in the same boat myself but I can imagine. I feel very sorry for you. I hope she croaks soon.