She Said I Should Get A Girlfriend

I was shocked that my wife said I should get a girlfriend. I would rather be divorced. We have been seperated for 5 yrs. I am trying to see how I can strategically get divorced. I lost my job, and my apartment. I am not in the best position to be trying to look for a girlfriend. I neeed to get my life back together. I have some things in my way. But I just don't understand why she is so uncaring. That is what makes me hate her so much. In my texts i don't send I call her all kinds b's and h's. But I am really just upset that I am not that important to her. Yet she still has me on a string. I wait for her calls, I expect her to include me. I usually end up waiting in vain. Then I get mad at myself for allowing myself to be so available. It is it I don't respect myself? I have so much time. Sometimes I am scared I won't make it. Well I guess I have no reason to hate her. But I do, she is supposed to be my wife. But she is not committed to me. If I had a job she would use to me to not have to work a full time job. But it not me that she wants. She told me she enjoys having sex with other men besides me. She said it in anger, it still hurt.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

She is an evil person to incite such pain out of you. Get your stuff together, and do what it takes to move on. She does not have your best interests in mind.

Thanks sassyg1rl we are already separated. How do you stop someone from abusing you when that's how they interact with you? We have a son, and unless I am willing to abandon him I still have to talk to her. And talking to her is like talking to someone you know sooner or later they are going to try and con you. You wouldn't believe it but some people are in destruct mode, trying to find a weakness to exploit. Trying to see how they can get more and more out of you. The weapons are manipulation and subterfuge. Cunning that only a person who is intimate of your inner most secrets can have. Wooing you like the sirens of some Greek pond. Leading you to destruction, all for their evil pleasure. I once described my wife to someone, and they said I was marries to the Evil One. <br />
Spawn of Satan. Well that's enough my gratuitous rant needless to say I am not her biggest fan.

You have to love and respect yourself before others will love and respect you. Your "wife" is abusing you; take the power in your life back and kick her to the curb.<br />
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Good luck!