Another Reason Why I Hate This Tramp

    my son's mom I drop my son off right. because she was suppose to pick him up but ditched him to go to a Weight Watcher's meeting. So I take my son to Church and then to his mom's house and this tramp is leaving to go out with her girls or another man or something. My son is broken hearted. He been expecting his mom, and she ditches him to go and have fun. At 30 yrs old trying to go clubbin. It is irresponsible to do stuff at the last minute. If she would have plannned it, but all she care about is herself. Just a selfish wanna be. I am pretty sure she gonna get pregnant by some random dude and get another abortion.

damanrthere damanrthere
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Why are you even surprised? And why do you let it affect you??<br />
This is the way she is (they all are)......just accept it....there is going to be evil in this world and an ex-wife IS evil personified. Once a wife becomes an EX-wife, even the nicest women will take on traits of a tarantula or a viper and cause pain and suffering like you've never imagined, for absolutely no god damned reason, just because they're in a position to do so and because they probably get off on it. <br />
<br />
Like child molesters, rapists, junkie murderers, pedophiles, etc. just learn to accept her existence as one of the evils of this world and hope that one day they make it legal to off the pesky *******.