So It's Wrong To Call A *****, A *****?

I'm a 26 year old male who has been married for 2 years. I had assumed waiting to get married till my mid twenties and knowing the person i was going to marry for 7 years beforehand would give me some incite into her nature....didn't want to be hasty. Well 4 months before we are to be married she tells me she is pregnant. I was really exited; thought it would be a challenge and adventure. Turns out raising a toddler is easy like training a dog but he plays peek-a-boo too. It's marriage that's the challenge. It just seem that since she gave birth to my son the loving person i once knew is gone. I have lost the ability to do anything right. Everything is to much/little and if i change the way I say or do something from the last time she complained, then I should have done it the way i did it before. If I point out we have the same conversation every week about something I'm told no we didn't. I say ok love whatever and now i'm an ******* that doesn't want to talk...i know if i do it's leading to an argument. She is always right. period. I can't leave a room when she's ranting or i'm ignoring her (i can hear you yelling from upstairs just as easily as in the living room.) So although it is rarely helpful to add insults to an argument there is a point when B1TCH leaves my mouth. And she just won't stand for that! (get the **** out of my house she says i've had it) my house to ***** i'm not leaving. see how it keeps coming. so i hate how i live....i don't want to divorce but like i said i'm only 2 years in and counseling didn't help and damned if ya can't kill em without a bunch of legal issues. Like most i've seen here the reason i stay is for my son. When we fight she make a point of saying how she'll borrow money from daddy and whoever else (and he will help her) to hire a lawyer and ensure she gets him/house/cars etc. she has college and i don't...didn't go so that she could (stupid me) so i can envision a judge seeing her as more stable and granting custody. I just feel trapped. any suggestions?

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It never fails to happen. I was also in a relationship for like 6 years before I got married at the age of 27 (I bucked under all the pressure her parents were putting on me for marriage) and what do you know, just before we got married she started screwing around with some guy, all through our wedding and while we were on our honeymoon she "secretly" used to talk to him and message him all the time. Why the **** do these women wait till you've sealed the deal and then turn into the malignant, characterless, disgusting people that they are? How do they manage to hide it for so long is what I don't understand. <br />
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The problem you stated does exist though: you can't off them without a world of legal trouble. I've thought about it many a time but right now I don't care enough about her to bother. But never say never.