I Hate Evie. Hope She Die

I hate my x wife. It didn't start out that way. I pictured myself and her having an amicable relationship where we could share the kids. After we split she moved herself and the kids in with a man 30 years her senior. At first I picked up the kids every other week. After about 2 years they decided this wasn't going to happen anymore so they made it more and more difficult (changing weekends unexpectadly, etc) until it was impossible. Eventually my own circumstances in conjunction with their resistance brought my visits to a halt. I never gave up on my kids. In September my daughter died at her bus stop by a wayward driver. I wasn't even allowed to attend her funeral. Now my son has been adopted by the old man after renewed visits because he decided I was telling him things that weren't true. It didn't even make sense what he was saying. My hatred for her is sooo deep I have. Must stop before I have a heart attack.

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Whoever left the coment before this one must be an jackass. Could it be evie?? I doubt it. Unless they know the poster, how can you draw your conclution. I found this because I hate my wife for same bs.

sounds like you fuked up before the mariage was over. you should have taken care of her while you were married. It sounds like you are a drunk who finally got caught, and lost you license, now you have to try and rely on someone else to pick upyour kid - what a loser.<br />
P.S. - I am so soory to hear about the loss of your daughter, I truly know the pain you are going thru.

I re read my own story and I realized it is wrought with typo's and a couple inaccuracies. I was a little emotional as I had just left the site of my daughters accident and attention to detail wasn't a priority. The last word in the title should be 'die's' and not 'die'. The special circumstance indicated in the story was that I lost my drivers liscense and my x would not allow my fiancee to drive my kids around or pick them up with myself. The drive to pick them up is an hour away. Also, I did not want to adopt out my son but they poisoned his mind (he's 12) and he demanded it to the judge to please the rich old man and his mother.