Nothing Left In My Life To Live For

I hate myself and wanna die bcoz in life there is no reason left so tht i will live for. I m married to a person whom I don't love, i am not getting a job i am looking for i will not have a child in my life what more left to happen in my life. Nothing is well in my life every where I see is dark. I scream I want to die ..........................
wannameetgod wannameetgod
22-25, F
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every thing matter's abt what u see

My sincere prayers and love to both of you! Please donot die; have faith and patience; golden days are coming soon!

Hanging is definitely shud not be an option if a painless death is what you are lookin for. The pain you have while you asphyxiate hanging from the ceiling and goin thru pain will only make u regret haning but by then it wud be too late as u hav a painful death. a Road accident wud be good idea.. but then... do u really want ur relatives to find u in pieces???

There is always a way out. If not out of it... then it must be THROUGH it!!!
You husband doesnt want u, get a divorce! who cares if u dont marry again... ull get ur life back.. I met a lady aged 55 yrs a week ago, she was a bachelor and says she never regrets not having married.. to heck with having a guy and takin care of him. If he wont undrstand u, someone out there definitely WILL! God Bless!

Hi Dear....I can understand how you feeling about ur life. Love I think is very important in life and having a loving partner is too very important.<br />
<br />
1st answer my few questions...<br />
Is ur partner not interested in you or in this relation ?<br />
Do you reaaly want to do a job ?<br />
Did doctor confirmed that u can not get a child ?

Hi .. I totally get you .. I'm seriously researching on how to kill myself coz I don't want to not succeed .. That will just make things worse.. I know this is probably the worst thing to say but since ur in d same place as me do u have any ideas that will definitely work .. I've been thinkin about hanging myself but not sure how