Me Too

I hate myself, i feel so trapped. I am 24 and have technically unemplyed for 2.5 years. That time I have been volunteering at a meditation centre that has actually helped feeling better. The meditation itself has and volunteering on there courses I have learned a lot and met a lot of very positive, kind people. The trouble is, is that it looks kind of like a cult. I feel that people will just reject me and think im this wierd cult member, tho i don't preach or anything. I don't think anyone will give me a job. I have no special training. I have no friends and all i seem to do all day is eat food and watch movies, i feel like im slowly going insane. I live in a suburb of toronto with my parents. same place i grew up. I feel like a failure. I am ashamed to even talk to anybody becuase I have no job. I know that regular responsibilities and interaction with others contribute to good health and well being i'm just stuck. I feel so ashamed and embarassed that i have let myself get this way. I don't knw where to turn, I don't know what to do.
hermit02 hermit02
May 9, 2012