Life Is So Hard

im 18, i live in north america, and i'm utterly clueless about my future. my parents have offered me NO guidance throughout my teenage life. I do not feel mentally ready for university or life on my own. I have zero experience in life. i can't cook much, i've never worked, etc. i'm also lonely 85% f the time, i can't really connect with anyone; people seem to be very self involved and they don't notice that i'm drowning in misery. I get annoyed by the stupidity of others, and i HATE when they discuss their care-free, perfect lives. I hate when they talk about their plans for the future- residence, scholarships, etc- , only because i have none.i hate how in todays society we MUST find a job and work or we are screwed; it's like jobs define us and if you're unemployed, you have no use. 
anyways, i've just never been this unsure of the future, and it scares me. i don't know what im interested in, and time is running out/ i feel really rushed.
i feel like there is no point of living on this earth; im ugly, i'm dumb apparently since i can't get accepted into any universities, and i have no life experience.
katrina1235 katrina1235
May 16, 2012