The End

It's so stupid, really I don't have anything to be depressed about. I'm in uni, doing ok have a group of close friends, nice family who loves me, no major financial worries. But I just feel nothing inside.

I dated a few people in the past too, but they really did care for me than I did for them. What's the point in making people feel that way? So I just stopped, now I'm not capable of loving anything. I thought maybe I just need more friends, or more exercise, or to eat right, or to have therapy. No, nothing does anything. I have this hole inside me reminding me how pointless life is, how no one even cares for me really. I mean I don't even care about me?

I'm training to be a doctor. Its probably funny to any observer, the doctor with no intention to live his life is saving others.

I'm not special, if I go, people may cry but they'll get over it, I'm pretty sure I can be replaced. Maybe its time to just end it, I can't fight the future any more.
Ivan555 Ivan555
18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012