cannot **** up His life by just being me anymore.. He doesnt deserve it..

I am worthless.
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It can and I am trying to learn it.. slowly. :-)

Some of us are misguided-none of us is "worthless"!<br />
Self esteem can be learned with help.

You are My life as You know and I shall never desert You. Je T'adore! xxxxx

You are NOT worthless, You are My Life, and I love You Pea.

the feeling of being worthless is a horrible, intense feeling. i'm sorry you feel like this. i know it's rough. keep your head up.

That I am

I did tell Him how I feel, last night and He helped Me, as always. He wants Me to love Myself but I cant ever see that happening, but I am glad you are here now. :-)

You ARE NOT worthless and as angry as it makes me to see You talk that way at the same time my damn compasinate heart wants to find out why You feel that way.<br />
<br />
Maybe I should aready know....<br />
<br />
He loves You and when You turly love someone you take the good with the bad.<br />
<br />
Remeber that, but most impotantly I think You should tell Him how You feel and work through it together.

I'm sorry you're hurting. Sending love and healing vibes your way.