I'm Nothing, Have Done Nothing And Doesn't Seem I Will Do Anything

Well, i'm a 28 year old loser.Single for pretty much my whole life cus i don't beleive i'm good enough for anybody. I only finished highschool so as far as my career goes it;s pretty much dead end. People say that I should stop whinning get up and take action. I get into this phase of wanting to do everyhting make plans, make myself promises that i will try to better myself and do something worthwhile bla bla bla. Then nothing... i give up even before i start.

I can't even bring myself  to committ suicide. Everytime i'm at the point of attemopting it I screw up or I stop myself. Only to wake up to the same ****** life, look at the same ugly face in the mirror and do the same stupid **** i do everyday. I don't even feel like finishing this story cus i just think it's useless and who's gonna read it? who even cares? nobody.. I don't even care so who else would?

bye for now. Hopefully i'll fall asleep and never wake up again.

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6 Responses Feb 28, 2010

i also feel the same. i don't know what to do. i'm so useless

Wow. You just told my story. If you still around I really hope you are doing better. Kinda give me hope.

I so understand how you feel and feel the same myself sometimes but... please read several of the responses I made to other people in this group. Help is out there. Good luck.<br />
BTW are you amazed how many caring people have responded after you saying "who's going to read this" and "who even cares" whoa, amazing, no?

I am there for u. I feel the same. dont feel alone. its not our duty to give up. maybe things will brighten up again.

I am in the same boat. Have you tried meds or psychological assistance?

I'm listening. If you cared enought to start, you may as well finish.