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Well frankly im here to vent everything i have to say and how tired i am of everyone around me.I am 32 years old single but mostly i hate my family my so called friends and hate my life.I know life is hard no doubt but to me is almost ******* impossible.I consider myself perhaps one of the nicest people anyone could meet but everyone ive encountered has treated me like **** and taken advantage of me thats been my so called friends and my family.Hell my mom insults every day of my life she tells me what a good for nothing piece of garbage i am,my dad no communication,the only one is when he screams and insults me for no reason,i have an 18 yo sister whos a princess so to speak gotten everything shes ever wanted and doesnt appreciated but shes the queen of the family she could do no wrong.Im sick and tired of everyone and everything i feel his is the end of the the line i dont know what to do anymore.the best thing ive thought about lately is was the quickest and painless way to kill myself i know i need help and to me this is my last resort but at least this open forum has helped vent all i have to say thank you for anyone who has read my diatribe i do apoligize for the longetivity but i guarantee soon enough ill have another sicerely thank you to the experince project and for anyone who took their time to read what i have to say i really appreciate it thank you until next time
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

You don't sound so "nice" to me.