That Look In Their Eyes

i am always looking at my mom and sis for acceptance and all i ever get is: why didnt u try harder? this isnt a good job!  you dont do Sh#t  at home to help clean! screaming and cussing all directed at me. and i hate it sometimes thats why i tryto commit suicide its because im sick of it.

lilfallenangel lilfallenangel
18-21, F
6 Responses May 21, 2007

Seems more like you hate them more than yourself. I'm sorry about that ):
Don't commit suicide, please, PLEASE!! There is always another way, I swear!

The look is painful just don't commit suicide or even try for it. It's not worth it

I know how you feel. I used to be confused at how my parents always told me I was lazy.<br />
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You have to open your eyes to the fact that people always want more. Try offering your help at every opportunity. It's not hard and its an easy way to make a good impression on anybody.

i know exactly how you feel, i've been through all that and what ecpc sed is really true "an ounce of encouragement is worth more than a ton of harassment"<br />
i wish my mom would know that

Sorry but i'm reading ALL your stories.......Thing is Angel,..that thru life you will find people...'playing out roles',...using you,..for someone to shout at,..or to whisper about.....Eventually we may realise that ,..although it seems personal,....its probly just 'pathetic',......which is not to insult them (your mum,..etc.),....but just to give it the right perspective,.... People sometimes forget that an ounce of encouragement is worth more than a ton of harassment...........p.s. remember to encourage your mum,..and yourself as well,....even if others don't!!

Nobody has the right to make you feel like that, regardless of who they are!!! Never ever contemplate harming yourself because of the way others make you feel - it's really really not worth it, one day you'll be out of the situation your in, then all the feelings will gradually fade and not seem worth worrying about. I know that may not help you now but remember that every day that goes by is another day closer to begining a new life....*hugs*