Loving The Person Who Don't Love You Back, Is Disgusting, Especially First Crush

In Secondary School, I used to like a guy in my class. I dunno why i liked it in the first place, had a crush with him. He was my first crush. I was a really shy person at that time. And I really hated myself for being so shy. I HATED myself even more for liking him. Thinking back, i totally regret it. At first he was really nice to everyone, and turned out, he was such an *******. He manipulated with feelings, and is a BIG TIME PLAYBOY !!! I HATE PLAYBOYS who think they can get any girl they want.

And to think that i had my first crush is with him, it made myself digusted on why i had a crush on such an *******. Love is just so DISGUSTING !!!

Is there anyway that love could be forgotten ? Cos it sticks in my head !!! When people ask, who is my first crush ? All the crap comes back !!!

How can i get someone to brainwash that dirty memories ? ARGHHH !!!!!

perid perid
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010