I Hate You For Having a Proper Childhood

I am so jealous of anyone who had a 'normal' childhood. It just makes me so sick with pity for my own self that I hate them for having any moment of happiness, I hate myself for being jealous of others' childhoods. i hate myself for being jealous of their education and their happy ever after. I hate myself for seeing their lives as perfect and  for being so jealous of that percieved happiness.

demonizd demonizd
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5 Responses Feb 14, 2009

you are the boss of your life and you should forget the past so that now you need to focus on the future like what are you going to be in the future? You can always have children and make their childhood betterRemember nobodys perfect ex bella thorne she has deslexia

I'm jealous of people that have mothers that care about them. Even mothers that are controlling or bossy. Anything seems better than a mother that ignores you and it obsessed with herself. I often wonder why she even had kids.

i have always felt like that, jelous or angry when anyone around me is happy. i feel like everyone should suffer as much as i did.

Thanks for commentng. I know what you mean, I just didn't put that in. i just tend toward thinking that everyone else is better-off. I know it is not true and that's another reason to feel guilty for the way I feel.

even for "normal" childhoods, it's never happy ever after. Even those from good childhoods have their problems. Be careful what you are jealous of. Things are never what they seem.