I Feel Bad About This...

In short (as short as I can make it), there is a girl that I really have feelings for. She means a lot to me and I really wanted to be with her for months. About 3 months ago she got into a relationship with this guy. It hurt me more than anyone knows. I hoped so much that he would turn out to be a douche bag. I hate that I felt that way because it would mean her being hurt. Why would I want to see her hurt? Well it turns out he was a douche and he really really hurt her. He was pretty much using her this entire time, well from what she tells me. It sucks because all this time I was hoping for something like this to happen...now that it has I just feel bad that I wanted this to happen. The worst part for me is when she told me, I kinda felt happy. I was glad that he was a total jerk and she was coming to me. Which is bad because despite my feelings for her we are still friends and what good friend would be happy about this. I really just want to be the one to bring a smile back to her face, but I feel...like guilty as if I jinxed it or something.
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its not ur problem you just didnt like it seeing her with other guy <br />
dont feel gilty about it<br />
<br />
and one day tell her that u love her or else you will hurt ur self again seeing her with other guy