I Feel Bad About This...

In short (as short as I can make it), there is a girl that I really have feelings for. She means a lot to me and I really wanted to be with her for months. About 3 months ago she got into a relationship with this guy. It hurt me more than anyone knows. I hoped so much that he would turn out to be a douche bag. I hate that I felt that way because it would mean her being hurt. Why would I want to see her hurt? Well it turns out he was a douche and he really really hurt her. He was pretty much using her this entire time, well from what she tells me. It sucks because all this time I was hoping for something like this to happen...now that it has I just feel bad that I wanted this to happen. The worst part for me is when she told me, I kinda felt happy. I was glad that he was a total jerk and she was coming to me. Which is bad because despite my feelings for her we are still friends and what good friend would be happy about this. I really just want to be the one to bring a smile back to her face, but I feel...like guilty as if I jinxed it or something.
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Most people would react that way, maybe you should just try to forgive yourself for feeling that way. It shows you're a really good person for realizing it's fair of you to feel that way. Some people would just rag on the guy but at least you know what's right and that's really good :) Try not to be so hard on yourself and I know that it's easier said than done.

its not ur problem you just didnt like it seeing her with other guy <br />
dont feel gilty about it<br />
<br />
and one day tell her that u love her or else you will hurt ur self again seeing her with other guy