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I Hate Myself.

I hate how shy I am. I hate how everyone avoids me because I'm the awkward girl that sits alone during class. I hate how most people don't try to have a conversation with me, and when I attempt to talk to someone, they completely tune me out. I hate how the only person that had ever taken interest is a teacher who I have a crush on. I hate how I blocked him out because I was too scared to talk. And I hate how now that I've grown the courage to talk to him, he completely ignores me. I hate how I'm ugly. I hate my body. I hate my face. I hate my appearance. I hate my clothes. I hate me. I hate that I can't love myself for who I am.
SaharaD SaharaD 16-17, F 1 Response Sep 28, 2012

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People avoid and ignore others to feel important and to feel special. This is a sadistic way of most people, but you need not worry about all this, You have a choice you can change your shyness into confidence slowly and you will shine for sure.