The Mirror Said "I Hate You"

The mirror said "i hate you" so i think ill kill myself tonight. That's what she said,   before she took the razor, dragged it across her skin and sat in agony. She sat there like a doll waiting to be played with, for she had never experienced that before. The door is wide open, for anyone to see, to see this girl crying out for attention and that's exactly what she got. It kind of puzzles me with the question of, was the mirror helping or hurting the girl?...well the mirror got her the attention she wanted, but yet, it made her almost kill herself. 

Lithium4mySoul Lithium4mySoul
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2008

thank you SufferSilent

how write so eloquently.

Yes, actually i did write this. It just sorta came to me one day.

What is this from? Did you write it?