I Hate My Face.

I suffer from asistic acne since I was 11. When people catch me picking at my face, they look at me as if I'm disgusting. I can barely touch my face, and it starts bleeding. I bleed from my face, and cause large scars. That's why I won't go near mirrors sometimes. I'm afraid to look at my face, I'm afraid it see the toniest pimple and cause the biggest scar, just because I feel it's an imperfection. My acne has gone down, but, my problem has gotten a lot worse. It's becoming summer and I'm starting to sweat when I sleep again, which means I'll start to get pimples again. I'm scared I'll get up in the morning, and cause nasty scars and scabs all over m face. I hate my own face.
TheMirrorRebellion TheMirrorRebellion
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 11, 2012

I am sorry =( <br />
I undertand you, I used to have acne really bad when I lived in a tropical weather, now I get it but not as much. I got a cream for acne it says on the bottle "AcneFree, terminator" it is for acne and blackhead and it has advance 5% micro-benzoyl peroxide. If you want to try it, you can ask your doctor if you could use that because I would not like you to get a bad reaction from using it.... It works preaty good to be <br />
good luck and feel beeter :) ({)