I'm My Own Worst Enemy

I always hate myself...My hatred towards myself is very intense now...since i'm experiencing major depression...My self hatred got pretty bad. It may sound funny but i really can not stand my guts. I don't even look in the mirror, because if i do, i'll end up crying or thinking how ugly I am. It scares me a lot. When I'm surrounded by any kind of people I'll always think I'm am lesser than they are. On the other side I think that it can't be that bad we are all unique...our flaws make us unique. People...please...cherish yourselves, there isn't anyone in the world like you <3

TheLostPoet TheLostPoet 18-21, F 1 Response Dec 8, 2009

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I totally agree. There are days that songs like 'alone I break','falls apart' or 'all these things I hate revolves around me' totally explain what I am going through. There are situations I try to fix but cannot and in the end endup hurting myself. I try to talk to people about my problems and frustrations but they only amplify them and makes me feel worse. You are right there is only one me, I am unique but sometimes it is hard to constantly remind myself of that.