Suffering In Silence

I hate alot of things about myself. Right now one of the biggest things is what I look like. I don't feel attractive what so ever. I hate looking in the mirror. I gained about a total of about 50 pounds over the past year and a half. And my family is constantly on my *** telling me I need to watch what I eat and I need to exercise. But what do you do when you have no motivation to do anything? My mom is always yelling and threatening to kick me and my sister out.  I have a boyfriend who constantly tells me I'm annoying and stupid. But those are just the most reoccuring things he calls me. And I just believe him now. He doesn't know that he makes me feel worthless. Even if I tried to tell him, he would just brush it off and would say I'm being overdramatic. I feel like this over emotional, annoying, stupid, ugly, fat, *****.
someone226 someone226
18-21, F
Jun 13, 2010