this is why i am afraid to get close to people because i dont like myself at all . i have tried to change but i cant i just have to live with it
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I just threw myself in at the deep end when I wanted to change. I needed a routine so I got myself a work placement with 9-4 hours. But maybe it would work better for you if you tried baby steps towards your goal of change. If the want is there all you've got to do is say I Can Change and try your best at it. And yeah you might stumble or fall a couple of times before you get there, I know I had a lot of trips and falls when I was trying to change myself but I kept going and did it. That makes me know that no matter how big the change is I want to make I know I can do it even if I'm only a tenth of the way to my next goal and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it, I know I can say to myself, I've done it before I can do it again. You can too. Keep trying no matter how long it takes cos even if you don't get there for another 10 years, the journey will change you for the better anyway. Hope everything works out for you and I'm here if you need advice (I'll try my best) or just someone to talk to. :)

i feel half and half i want to change but i feel i cant . i was raised to have morals i was raised to be morally correct

You're getting close to the wrong people then. You should try looking for people who will accept you for you no matter what. Don't try to change yourself for someone else, unless you believe it will better yourself.