Hey.. According To My Mom I'm A Fatty.. So I Guess The Ed Trigger.

Hey...  I continue to hate myself.  According to my mom, I'm an ugly fattie (which is what she really believes).  She questioned my weight tonight, which is one of my ED triggers.  So yeah for Eating Disorders.  I've always been sad with myself as I couldn't pull off a proper long-term ED because I'm too weak.  I haven't been to a doctor in forever due to the whole scale issue..  Another trigger.  I would just love the doctor to be aware I don't want to know how fat and ugly I am and not weigh me and then yell at me for being a fatty.  I just hate myself and my body.  There's all these crappy diets which I hate out there, including this ridiculous diet called the "joy" diet which involves having to like your body and eat stuff like veggies on a regular basis.  First, I hate my ugly, ugly body and since I cannot get a boyfriend, most guys hate it as well.  Secondly, I hate veggies without dumping lots of salt on it.  I don't know how people eat that crap.  I'd just love to fast off twenty or so pounds.  If I had the willpower to eat nothing, then that would be great.
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i feel the same