The bad thing is that i am a girl and the worst thing is that i born in India...... i want to see all my family members happy but for that i have to sacrifice all my happiness.... i do everything that they want me to do.... but don't know when i fall in love with him but  he is not of my standard he is poor not good in studies i know that he doesn't have anything good in him but the best thing in him is that he love me truly ........now my family want that i marry with someone else but how can it is possible yaar i know he can't live without me......... i hate myself  why this happen yaar why i fall in love with him ???b if he is not in my destiny then why he came in my life why???????????????????????
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

people who want you to marry guy you don't love don't think about you and probably don't even care. If you like somebody you want only good things for him to happen. I know it is cultural thing in India but don't let them choose. You are the one who should maka a choice

Ashi, You love your family, and you need to love yourself just as much. If you want to be with this person, you get to choose...not your family. You have to stop doing everything that your family wants and start living your own life. While you love and respect your family, you need to show yourself respect by making your own decisions. A lot of people, not just in India, have to break away from their family. You can do it, even though it may seem scary. Good luck to you. Praying that this all works out well for you.