Im A Wasted Piece Of Sh*t.

My mom works hard, really hard to give me things that she wouldn't get as a child. Way way more than just food and shelter. Shes a single parent i.e. both my mom (obviously) and my dad. For a lady, shes really hard working and God has blessed her. Trust me, its God whose helped her. You don't know God till you've seen my mom, atheist or not. Because her entire life is a miracle.

She manages to get me the best that the world has to offer while she sacrifices her wants and needs.I always wanted to be an engineer and engineering's an expensive course ( which I realized 2 days ago). After I got into an engineering college all I did was waste her blood dripped money on ****, booze, weed and all fuked up stuff.

To her, I'm her whole world and she'd give her life to make mine better. All she ever does is think about me me and me. Btw, I'm the only son.

I've flunked my engineering for two years, not because I'm a retard. Its because I'm fuked up. I just didn't and still kinda don't realize the value for her money, all I do is mooch her, spend the *** outta that cash and then ask her for more.

Now it'd be a totally different case if I had to get good grades at College. In less than two years i'd not only be an engineer but most probably start working and be independent.

Yes, my independence is all she desires. All she wants is for me to be on my own two feet strong. Because she knows that shes not gonna live for long and she wants to be sure that before she dies her son will be able to accomplish what she couldn't, his dreams and desires.

I wish to change now and make her the happiest mom in the world.

Pray for me.

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Make a plan. Don't try to change everything at once - you will fail again.<br />
<br />
Choose to do ONE thing each day that will please your Mum - maybe start with something as simple as making your bed - or doing the dishes - etc!<br />
<br />
Start looking into how you can return to College - AND support yourself. Millions of young people do this. You can too.<br />
<br />
Above all, TELL your Mum you know you have failed her - and that you want to do better. Please look for work to help yourself financially and stop "bleeding" her.<br />
<br />
YOU will feel SO much better - and your Mum will be so happy! That alone will be worth every effort it takes. And don't forget to give her a HUGE hug and tell her you love her! {{{Hugs}}} to you from someone else's Mum!

I will pray for you. Just put action behind those words and you will do great.