I Hate My Life So Much

i am 25 year  old . i'm a girl and i have always hated my life. but now sent i'm older i really hate my life. i feel all a lone and that no one cares about me or love me. i go to church two time a week and i love God and i believe in him but some time i just wish my life would end. i have try a couple of time but it did not work. from the time i was 7 years old until i was 18 year old i live with my aunt and she would hit me everyday for no reaason and i think it was my fault. and there was alot more that happen in my past that i still think it is my fauit. i put myself so much and i got alot of great friends but i don't hang around them cause of what happen to me in my past. and i have been hurting for so long that i just don't know how much more i can take. and cause i have been hurt by so many people that it is hard to let people in my heart but i am always there when someone need to talk about anything. i always feel like no understand where i am coming from. and now i stay to myslef cause all my life i was told that no one would ever love me or that no one would ever care about me and that i was no good and that i was not pretty and that i was stupid and so on. so from hearing that from the time i was 7 year old until 18 year old i starter to believe it and i still believe it.
lisaore02261985 lisaore02261985
22-25, F
Aug 4, 2010