Im Really Starting To Hate Myself

Im usually depressed even though i dont seem it. Im 18 male never had a gf never been kissed still a virgin. Im not good at a lot of things I have a few friends that I dont really trust my father is dead i dont have the best relationship wiht my mom. I have extremely low self esteem.
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18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I feel exactly where you are coming from... i am a 18 y/o female also a virgin who feel s the same way and Im also very close with my mom my dad is around but i don't like him he is emotionally detached .

You made the first positive attempt just by being here. You have me as a friend. I am 41 and still single. You are a great person and just give it time, why don't you join a group or club or do some volunteer work. It would make a difference in someone's life and you would build up your self esteem too.