Cant Stop Feeling This Way

i cant help but hate myself.  its just a feeling that wont go away, no matter what i do.  i pray all the time.  i make a mental note of all the things i have going for myself.  but i just feel inadequate all the time.  i get caught  up in things that happened in the past.  i stress over every detail of my day.  i cant help but think others hate me as much as i hate me.  i have no friends. my family is very distant. and my husband just doesnt understand or even want to listen.   im so sick of feeling this way.  i dont know what to do.
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5 Responses Dec 3, 2010

i used the smoke every once and a while, but quit cuz i have kids. dont want them to grow up thinking its cool. anyway, it didnt really help. just forgot my feelings for a few then everything came right back.<br />
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lately i've just been tryn to keep my head up. tryn trick myself into thinking every thing is ok. maybe i'll wake up one day and everything will be ok.

I know just how you feel i try to talk to my husband about it but he tells me to stop being stupid.I sometimes get so bad that i cover my mirrors so that i can't see myself.I don't have any friends at least none that will talk to me and i am far from my family.I even found out that i can't have children a month or so ago and that made me hate myself even more.I know it can be hard i really do but some days are better then others.Keep hanging in there.

I feel the same as you and I smoke weed, it works for the whole couple of hours you are stoned but a couple days later when you dont smoke reality hits again and you want to smoke, viscious cycle. Drugs help expand and escape life. Write a diary, if you've only got yourself, then only rely on yourself to feel better.

So why do you hate yourself?

I know what you should do...try smokin a fat one and sayin **** it!<br />
<br /> works.