Sad And Depressed

hai...i am 19 and alone..i have no social skills..people don't like friends don't like me...i don't like me.i hate my family...i don't talk to anyone in my family...i am broke and i am also i am living a guilt-driven life daily..i constantly think of dying...i just hate myself so much.....
debatvimal debatvimal
4 Responses May 28, 2011

thanks for your advices..really appreciate it...but i think this is hw my life is going to be..i am never gonna meet someone..that is the truth and i just have to deal with it i guess..

I feel your pain. I'm not gay, but I'm not loved by anyone either. I also have no social skills, can't communicate with my family, can't make friends, can't do anything. I'm ******* useless. The sad part is, I'm only 15. People tell me there's a lot more to life and that I still have a lot to learn and there's still time and blah blah blah. I think I've had enough of life though. And I know I'm supposed to give you advice and make you feel better, but if I knew a good way to get rid of this self-hatred, I won't be hating myself would I?

guilt-driven by ur family and friends because u're gay? i hope u can find the love and support that u need. best wishes.

people peak in life. some peak in 4th grade. others in high school. some peak senior year of college. the luckiest peak later, you will have the whole world at your disposal when you do. i have faith in you