I Wish I Wasn't Me.

Ever since I was a little kid I wish I wasn't me. I wish that I could be taller, and cooler, and better looking. I think that if I'm a different person I would have more confidence and I could actually get a decent girlfriend. I can't go out and have fun and make friends any more because of my anxiety and my paranoia about what people think of me. I have depression, clinical and because I spend most of my time in my room. I don't have any more friends because of this and because any other friends i've made stopped talking to me because I lied when I was younger about who I was over the internet. Is any one out there in the same boat with me on this?
coreybaker2007 coreybaker2007 22-25 2 Responses Jul 4, 2011

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in my situation , i wasn't feeling anxiety about my look but it was about the way that people treating me, and i haven't find any reason for this , i tried so hard to baround them but everytime they just reject me like i'm stranger , they mocked me so many times and i didn't know why , i feel like they wanna make me kinda of crazy sometimes , i always try to be me but everytime they break me , they always don't care about what i feel , they just don't wanna listen to me that's why i felt no confidence in my self .bt even if i suffer from the same condition of the lack self confidence i advice you to accept who you are and move on , don't be ashamed of ur look just try to make them accept u like u are , cause the look is not what we are inside , what matter is how we act in our life and how we can make people happy to make them love who we are no matter if you are good looking or not