My body.
My personality
My looks
My attitude
My weight
My height
My scars
My hair colour
My inabilty to fit in
I hate me.

Thats why i cut. I slice at myself because i wish more than anything that i was anybody but me. So i destroy me instead. Sometimes i cut just to bleed. Sometimes i cut words into my thigh; the words i cannot bring myself to actually say, or the words i say but have no actually affect....
All i've ever done is try to make myself better and to live up to other peoples expectations but i can't. I fail every time therefore feeling even worse about myself..... I hate me. And i don't think anything can change that.
ineedtobewanted ineedtobewanted
18-21, F
6 Responses Jul 6, 2011

please don't hurt yorself.i will love u.

I liked this story....It was really honest.

Sweetie, After my 10 years of depression, I totally get that you believe that you cant get better.. the thing is you can!!! My Family didnt help me, Thats what make it more rewarding ( I did I for me) .<br />
A new doctor or even new medication... Not just saying this, the numbness can pass...


Don't do that....please. I'm sure you're beautiful and unique in your own way, no need to hurt yourself baby.

i think accepting and liking ourselves the way we are, with all the flaws and good parts, meaning: with no pre-requisites, is probably one of the most difficult and bravest things we could do in life. it could be also the secret for achieving true happiness?<br />
<br />
i hope that this inner battle you are going through now will cease one day and that all will be alright.<br />