Why Can't I Do Anything Right?

I feel like a total failure, all the time... I never feel like I do anything right, because I always have to be corrected by my bf... He tells me things like a good girlfriend wouldnt even want to do something like that, or wear something like that, it goes on and on... nd I try SO HARD to make myself a better person, but I just can't... He tells me I'm immature, and stupid... he emotionally hurts me all the time, and see's nothing wrong with it, nd I feel like he is right, like everything he says is right... I am a stupid *****...and I am a dumbass... I cry at night sometimes, because I feel like I want to change, nd be how I should be, but I just keep ******* up... Why? I hate myself so much... I wish I were anyone else but me....
Popcornpink Popcornpink
3 Responses Aug 19, 2011

Tell him what you think. Next time he hurts you tell him that he hurt you. Make him see what he does. If he doesn't care, it would be best for both of you to separate.

Anyone who thinks they need to change you as a person is not the person for you. You deserve the love of someone who will accept you the way you are but staying in that relationship is not going to give you the opportunity to find the person who is going to treat you right. <br />
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He obviously cant see that he causing you deep pain because if he did he would try to make a wrong a right, but instead of that he seems to just dish out more pain.<br />
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What you are in is a mentally abusive relationship, you need to free your self and get out and heal the damage he has inflicted on you because for now things arent going to get better till he admits he has a problem with control and probably other deeper issues.<br />
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Please reach out to close friends or family to get out of where you are now.

Why you should hear all these criticisms from a person who does not even love or care about you? You should dump him, there will be many other guys who will appreciate you more. Trust yourself it is not you, it is personal preference and if he does not like you the way you are, then he should find someone else. And you should not put up with craps that he gives to you.<br />
Be who you are, and whoever who falls in love with you will be the luckiest guy ever.