I Hate Myself....

I am so dumb!!!! Like really? ok. This girl, yeah, ok? I liked her and when she said she liked me, I beilived her, I KNOW not to tottally trust someone just becuase you like them, but for some reason I beilived every word this girl ever said! Sooooooooooo stupid,She said things like "I can't date you becuase I'm not over my EX" Ok. so I helped her get over her ex, I became a good friend of hers, what she claimed to be her "only good friend" and when she would be down, and crying she would call me and I would give my all to make her feel better. And she went and dating some other chic, and that didint work out, and now she is all hung up this OTHER chic, and what do I do? I was STILL the one she called when she was crying!! And I still comforted her, And I never said what I really wanted to which was "HELLO!?!?!!??!!? I WOULD NEVER ******* HURT YOU!!!!!" I've told her that, and at ONE time she said that I was the only one she'd date, HA!(I beilived that bullshit too) UGH! And now, she doesn't even TRY to talk to me, the only reason she talks to me , is becuase I told her I was gunna buy her Warped Tour Tickets agian this year(Baught them last year too) I do EVERYTHING to make her feel good, and what do I get in return, thats right, nothing! And last time we talked she was talking about how bad she wanted to go see her ex, whom she is all over still! Who hurt her time and time agian! UGH! LIKE REALLY!??!!? AM I INVISIBLE!?!??!!?!?!? MAN!!!!!!  I hate myself, I hate my life, just ugh :(
MirRawr MirRawr
3 Responses Oct 13, 2011

MirRawr, it sounds to me as though this other girl is just using you and the best thing is to cut her loose cause a girl who's only gonna use you is never gonna change. All she probably expects of you is to use you, cold hard truth but in the end it will be worth it because she doesn't truely care about you. I mean common look at all these times she's been hurting you What makes it worth it? You should loose her number never give her the time of day and if she ever tries to complain her little petty life to you say Why The **** do I care? it will destroy her and maybe make her realize she lost someone special. In the end You just might be alot happier then you think!

You are in the dreaded "friend zone." <br />
<br />
You can get out of it but it isn't easy. There are probably "how to's" on the internet somewhere. <br />
<br />
Good luck.

She's not into you like that. Not gonna happen.*pats MiRawr on back*<br />
Been there, done that...my suggestion to you is, try to see her as a friend.<br />
Go out with other girls. You're a nice guy, you ought not to wait around forever. A year is too long.<br />
When hope crops up in your heart, stomp on it.

Well, Thanks! That actually helps alot *Caugh* I'm a girl *caugh* haha, but its all good. And When hope comes I WILL stomp on it, thanks Hylierandom (: