I Use To Hate Myself

i use to hate myself because idid'nt look or act or talk like the other girl i use to hate myself because never talk to e or like me i use to hat myself because of seeing the boys i like like my friends and ask the out no one really id'nt uderstand me and they still dont.but my bestfriend who's like my brother told me two days ago that he's to happy to look at sad stuff that would make him cry but instead he surround himself with stuff that he like an now i do too i listen to music that make me dance and happy and i look up stuff on youtube like how to make a dress purse or headband or draw stuff and i find alot more stuff to if you need someone to talk to im on every afternoon at 4:45 to 6:00
naome naome
13-15, F
Feb 24, 2012