Feeling Better These Days.....

last time i was here i talked about hating myself.  i really felt this way.  i felt like i was a waste of space.  I'm feeling much better these days.  Ive done so much recently.  decided to go back to school.  changed my hair.  started allowing myself to be selfish (buying any and everything that i want).  and most of all started singing lessons (couldn't sing my way out of a paper bag, but really enjoy singing).  all these things sound so petty, but they really all make me feel much better.   i don't hate myself the way i did a year ago.  i can laugh and actually have fun again!
blknurse blknurse
2 Responses Mar 15, 2012

I can't sing, but I'm a DJ...so I know how powerful music can be to making a person feel good!... I hope you're feeling better these days?...:)

Its been so long since I wrote this. I am glad you commented, it caused me to revisit this post. I have had so many ups and downs since this post. I am still working on self love and self acceptance. But all in all I do feel better most days.

Hello blknurse...I'm glad to hear things seem to be better!....the key is to focus on the positives and never give up, know matter how hard that may be some days!

Cool :)