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OMG..... I needed help.... arghhh.... For me I know this guy from France. He is Algerian but born in France through Facebook.... I am not too sure why we start calling 'Baby' and 'Dear'. So we move to phone calls and exchange Nos.  and I am from Singapore. Then we think that calling international calls is extremely expensive, so we went to it was the first time he saw me and I am so excited.... seriously. So, we start going to bed and  both of us saw how we sleep, lives and etc. It is really funny.... hahaha. Then we move to next step whereby I ***** my clothes and have virtual sex through phone calls and MSN... did not realized that my phone bills reach to $400.00 . A few times virtual sex... it was wow... but weird. At that time MSN connection sucks, so... I suggest to him that he have to get a new laptop of his own as he is using his neighbor laptop. So when he bought a new laptop.... he downloaded Skype... good advantage but connection is always a problem, it does not matter as I can see him clearly for the first time and his voice is deep. Then we had frequent virtual sex.... awesome... he really like back position.... he saw me take my shower, wear my clothes and I change different room and lingerie just to impress him... Crazy but my parents don't even know about it. He is 33 yrs old and I am 21 yrs old, wow!!! We talks about our history, family background, ex, finance, political, sports etc.. everything. So now we have been in contact for 7-8 months now, I suggest that if he serious to be with me... he must come to my country and meet my parents, months passed by ... he can't make it, too bad. So I sacrifice myself and will be going to Paris to meet him instead on the 19May2012. So I am kind of nervous as I will be staying in his apartment and spent time together for 2 Weeks in Mantes-La Jolie. I also realized and knowing that he have alot of Korean ladies or international friends in his Facebook list and seeing his comment with the girls... I get angry too... making me lost faith in him but I am trying to stop thinking about it. He is also very cold-hearted, jealous person, likes he is controlling my Facebook friends,photos and who I speak to especially men, and he seems very stubborn and do not want to understand me.That is the problem but at the same time, he put in effort to call me at night when I am sleeping because if it is night time, France will be in the afternoon (7 hrs different).We also argue few times about what I and him dislike about each other. So far he never tells anyone about me to his friends or family but my side I just tell my family that I get to know this guy and he is a very nice person. Suddenly my heart is not sure if what I do is right or not. I know I need to have a dignity as I am a woman and he have to respect me, but he is alright with it, just that I am not too sure if he is going to be truthful to me, sincere and what is his intention will be like? I don't know but he is very smart and intelligent and prefect for me to become his wife... I guess. These feeling is saying that he is not right for me and buying airplane ticket to meet him and celebrating my birthday there is wrong because my mind say that he will cheat on me. I don't like being cheated. I needed help toooo ;( ;(
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Also, meeting someone on Facebook or any where on the internet can be dangerous. Do you really know for a FACT that he is who and what he says he is? Do you have any guarantee that you won't just disappear and he could say he never saw you, although he was expecting you, that he thought that you just changed your mind. Meeting a stranger is not ever a SAFE bet when it comes to your life, It's a game to many woman have played and lost their lives believing a strange man they met on the internet. Please rethink this, and at least come up with some precautions. would be afraid of more than meeting a cheater, he could be a serial killer. I would like to see you meet your soul mate, but personally, I would never do something like this, especially if he is in another country. All I am saying is think this through, have him checked out or something. Good Luck, I hope you will be okay, but I am afraid for you.

OMG... this is even worst... I am freaking scared now.... but he post alot of pictures of him in FB and he have friends openly. What should I do?

anyone can post pictures. They can also claim to be someone they are not. Be careful....


I would suggest that if he can't come see you? considering also that he is older and probably has more money... that is a bad sign.<br />
<br />
It would say to me that he's not as serious about you as you are serious about him.<br />
I am fairly sure going is likely to turn out badly.

Omg... badly as in what? I need you to tell me... but I have already bought the ticket.

Badly as in he will have sex with you, you will have a few wonderful days together... but then he will ignore you completely, and you will wonder what you did wrong...and you'll have done nothing wrong.
Maybe you can get a partial refund.

Oh no... I feel like crying. Seriously! By the way thanks:)