Why am I so unfortunate to have a roommate that is so stupid in organizing things??? Hurghhh.... Thousand times I told her about keeping our room neat and tidy. Why every time I've to sweep the floor and empty the bin? OMG!!! Do you think that you're a boss??? (#.#)" We use the room together so you also need to take part in cleaning the room. It's unfair!!! If I ignore the room by letting the bin full of garbage and the floor full of dust, you also will ignore it too. Idiot!!! You don't even care to sweep the floor or empty the bin and you would rather study in that dirty condition? OMG that's terrible!! What make I feel very angry is that why does everyone always praise you for being cute or for everything you did such as wearing nice clothes? You people did not know the other side of my roommate. Huh. My roommate very good in manipulating the facts and making me the one who is guilty for not taking good care of the room. I hate it!!!!
Kapcagi Kapcagi
Apr 7, 2012