I Just Don't Understand Who I Am

All my life, I've fit into the role of other's expectations: the perfect daughter, the good-looking sister, the fabulous writer, the irresponsible one. . . I'm usually late, I don't return phone calls, I get stories in just under deadline but they're always impeccably written and I'm cute and funny and I never make waves Will the real Kristy please stand up? People tell me to follow my gut but I don't know which Kristy's gut to follow!
Kristye Kristye
41-45, F
1 Response May 6, 2012

hi..we share the same experience..my advice, act naturally...in some situations, we need to choose the actions that makes we feel happy, however sometimes we have to care for other's feelings as well..<br />
making people happy by behaving nice is not fake, it's just you are mature enough to tolerate people's demand. you will get use to it someday. <br />
<br />
not everyone can accept the real you (most people in the world give different response to different kind of people they interact with), but if you have best friend, act naturally because best friend would always understand each other. if she/he not like that, you have to wait for the right one or just let your best friend know if they is misunderstanding. anyway,relationship is built on experiences.