Problems Without Start And End...

All the problems have two faces, but I'm able to see only the dark one... Just pass all the blame over to me. It will come eventually. I feel scared everyday. I am forced to walk alone, I'm forced to live in an empty home. I'm forced to wear a smile behind my tearful eyes. I'm forced to be judged by anyone. I can't be strong, I can't be tough. They gave me a life I never chose. I wanna leave but the world won't let me go... I just wanna die! Everyday I wonder what it is and where it stops, but nobody knows...
I'm doing everything wrong. I keep doing everything wrong! I didn't ask for attention, I just needed your affection. I'll remember everyday all the chances we took , we were so close to something better left unknown. I am screaming for help but nobody's listening.. maybe I'm already dead, that's why nobody's listening. I'm cut to pieces by the sound of every word you said and now I won't believe a word you say! So mean to love! Now see what I have, I want you, please be with me or stay away from me before I know it. I'm afraid of my life, I'm so afraid of living in an asylum, I'm terrified of everything :'(
YouThrowTheDirt YouThrowTheDirt
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

have the same situation but I don't wanna die no...not yet...still want to know what will gonna happen after I overcome all the problems same as yours(^∇^)

hey...yea tht's deep...n actually i feel th xact same way...:'(