Tired Of Being Treated Horribly...

I am a 16 year old kid who has never really had any friends but that wasn't really a biggy until I hit high school. I don't really want friends in high school to be popular.. but just to have someone to talk to and to have someone there for me. Right now i'm failing math very badly and my teacher just says whatever when i ask for help. She tells me to do it myself or that she can't help me. I got told on my birthday that I shouldnt be happy because I didn't matter, and when my nephew passed away a few months ago.. a "friend" told me her math homework was more important than that. I constanly have people laughing at me because I look weird or like weird things compared to them. People pretend to be my friends just to laugh in my face. I hate almost all the people I go to school with and my school is a K-12 school with a total of 350 students... so i have been dealing with the same ******** sine kindergarden. I ******* hate it and I can't switch schools. Everybody hates me .. even the staff so wtf do I do?!?!
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I may not have suffered as bad as you did and I'm very sorry for everything you've endured. I'm a brainiac when it comes to math but my dad always is correcting me. My mom says I'm weird and a lot of the girls in my school ignore me or think I'm weird and should be a boy when I talk about minecraft and stuff. I'm only in 7th grade but I have a tech class that has mostly 8th graders in it. (I'm the only 7th grade girl in it) and they teaseMe and say all of my ideas have no point and they say "nobody cares" if we need an idea. I'm always feeling like people are talking about me behind my back. I tell my closest friend about sometimes I feel like leaving but she just complains. She's a great friend (like a sister) but sometimes she doesn't take me seriously.I understand my story isn't as bad as yours, but I've always felt alone in school. I hope one day you can have a friend who is always there for you.

My math teacher at school doesn't care either when I ask her for help. Math is my weakest subject, and I'm always struggling to catch on. You should always be open to different types of people. But honestly, I think friends just add to stress. The only thing friends to do me is rip me apart and betray me in the end. That's why I come here to talk about my problems :)

I dunno about what to do about them...<br />
I'm really sorry they treat you like that.<br />
<br />
http://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/Math.html <br />
http://www.freemathhelp.com/<br />
<br />
Maybe that will help. I'd also suggest doing more than the required exercises, do all of the ones in the textbook.<br />
Maybe you can take it over in summer school? I hope so.